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About Pesco Termo

We have united our 14 years of experience and accumulated knowledge with high technology applications and quality service approach in serving our own manufactured Termoform (Thermoform) Packaging Machines to the use of the producers.

A substantial technical team, with sufficient experience and having a wide perspective of processing the respective solutions, has been formed aiming to provide added value to our customerss and their products by means of enabling them to perform uninterrupted production and have prompt post-sales service assistance.

Under the aforementioned philosophy and respective field performances; we continue the Thermoform and Chained Machine (made in Turkey) manufacturing, sales and service activities.

Our Mission

The mission is to become one of the first three companies representing Turkey in a best manner in global packaging industry by means of quality services to be rendered.

Our Vision

The vision is to become a company that gifts added value to its customers, renews itself continuously by means of permanent solutions and new techniques, and strengthens its market position thanks to the reliable and long lasting products and services; as well as, a leading company in the market showing respect to its customers and employees.

Our Quality Policy

  • Keeping customer satisfaction at highest level

  • Producing customer tailored solutions by means of boutique services

  • Serving quality solution at suitable costs

  • Becoming a pioneer of the development in our respective industry and raising the bar of standards

  • Monitoring and adapting the technological advances for providing suitable products and services to the customers

  • Providing fast and solution oriented services during the project, manufacturing and post-sales stages

  • Providing environment-friendly products and services under occupational safety principles

  • Ensuring the intersection of the customer value with our values

  • Becoming a strong and permanent industrial actor. Considering the stability for growth.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Respect on business ethics
  • Customer and solution oriented approach
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Team work

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