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  • Sektörde 10. Yılımız

    10th Year In The Sector


Pesco Thermo has been operating in the packaging machinery sector since 2009 and has been producing thermoforming and special packaging machines at high standards since 2014. Today's latest technologies are used in the machines we have produced, thanks to our expert staff and extensive machine equipment track, production is carried out without sacrificing quality.

Pesco Thermo is exporting its machines to all over the world and also serves its domestic c...

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Expert Staff

With experienced and experienced staff, we always serve on-site and on-time.

Spare Part Support

Always with you after sales solutions.

Low Cost

We are the market leader with the innovative and high quality product we offer our customers.

Timely Delivery

Pesco Thermo's unchanging principles have always been quality, customer satisfaction and timely delivery.


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